Security Awareness Training


  • Consistent Security Awareness Training for all users
  • Training content guided by the NIST Framework
  • Targeted 10-minute courses are driven by behavioral psychology to improve your team’s security
  • Seamless, email-based access to courses, password-free
  • Reminders delivered twice a month to users who’ve not completed their training
Organizations are to provide security and privacy literacy training to system users (including managers, senior executives, and contractors) as part of initial training for new users and thereafter. NIST 800-53, Rev. 5 – Security and Privacy Controls

Example Training Notification

Simulated Phishing

  • Consistent Simulated Phishing Emails replicate the best attacks in the wild
  • Every user is phished monthly, all with varied messages and timing
  • Those who fall for the tests are immediately made aware they’ve been phished
  • The next day, those users receive a reminder outlining how to avoid the attack in the futur
  • Also, these users automatically receive additional phishing emails to heighten awareness

Example Simulated Phish

Bonus Features

Cyber Security Training Policy

Program includes an Employee Cyber Security Training Policy that directly aligns with your team’s training and allows you to demonstrate your security steps to regulators, vendors, and clients


Monthly reports show your team’s training progress and highlight areas of risk

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Erica Dobbs, President / CEO


    Develop, document, and disseminate organization-level awareness and training policy that addresses purpose, scope and compliance and is consistent with applicable laws, executive orders, directives, regulations, policies, standards, and guidelines. NIST 800-53 – Security and Privacy Controls