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D2S participates in the following contract vehicles listed. If you do not see a contract vehicle that fits your current or future acquisition strategy or if you have an immediate need, reach out to us at .

DISA Encore III is a follow-on to the DISA Encore II IDIQ vehicle and focuses on modernizing IT capabilities at the federal level, particularly within DoD. The scope of Encore III includes all activities within the Military Services and DoD. Other Federal agencies may utilize this contract to satisfy their Information Technology (IT) requirements after making the appropriate Economy Act Determination in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 17.5). IT solutions that can be requested under this contract vehicle encompass a range of capabilities from legacy systems to emerging net-centric technologies, cyber security, mobile environments, web-scale IT, cloud-based disaster recovery and evolving network interfaces. The government can use this vehicle to obtain support covering different operating levels in areas such as Command and Control (C2), Intelligence, Mission support areas, unified capabilities, enterprise services, business systems and other elements of the DoD Information Network (DoDIN). The work performed under this contract includes supporting the government by furnishing personnel, materials, travel, services, managed services and other items needed to satisfy the worldwide development, deployment, operation, maintenance and sustainment requirements of DISA and its customers.

SETI is a contract vehicle that has a focused scope to provide new, non-commodity and innovative information technology engineering solutions, embracing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for mission partners across DoD. The SETI vehicle was designed for current complex and unique requirements, as well as built to be technology-agnostic in order to solve capability gaps in all future mission needs. Mission partners: DoD Offices and Agencies; Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD); Federal Agencies; Coast Guard; Intelligence Community; Combatant Commands; Joint Staff; Air Force; Army; Marine Corps; Navy; Mission Partner Engagement Office (MEPO); and International Partners.

Erica Dobbs boasts a distinguished 36-year career marked by exceptional leadership, policy expertise, and management acumen. Her extensive background spans both the military and the private sector, positioning her as an outstanding candidate for board directorships. As a former Naval Officer, she occupied pivotal roles in communication, cybersecurity, combat systems, space, spectrum & network management, human resources, training, education, and strategic planning. Her leadership on Nuclear Aircraft Carriers and support for key Federal, Services, and Intelligence agencies underscore her mastery of critical IT and satellite communication systems.

Erica’s unwavering commitment to national security extends to her role as the founder and CEO of Dobbs Defense Solutions, LLC. In this capacity, she drives the company’s growth, overseeing daily domestic and global business operations, including IT and supply chain management, as well as human capital. Her visionary approach seamlessly integrates traditional and cutting-edge technologies, catering to private, public, and government sectors through cybersecurity, IT consulting, and technology training. She is widely acknowledged for her C-Suite Pioneering Leadership, marked by the successful leadership of numerous transformative initiatives. Her adeptness as a human capital and customer-focused problem solver, combined with her strategic acumen, propels business success.

Beyond her corporate accomplishments, Erica serves as a national spokesman, fervently advocating for national security and technological innovation. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her dedication to fostering diversity and innovation, firmly positions her as an ideal candidate for board directorships. Her extensive leadership and management experience render her well-equipped to drive transformative outcomes and leave a lasting imprint on organizations.

Erica Dobbs


Erica Dobbs